Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Farmyard Friends

Once upon a time I introduced my girls to you....sadly my first chooks are no longer with us, Treefox and Bundle, died in the chookpen. And even worse we think Silky met her match with a FOX!

The chickens that arrived in the summer, Snow White and Frosty are still here and laying lots of eggs. I have another 4 chooks now, so that makes 6. My new girls are Speckles, Ginger, Charcoal and Sooty. Now I collect up to 6 eggs a day! They are very good layers.

Each week I sell one or two dozen eggs. I get $3.50 for one dozen eggs, so far I have sold 9 dozen!

I wish I had more chooks so I could collect more eggs, sell more eggs and make more money. I am saving up to buy a horse!

Frosty....just popped an egg out!

Front to back: Ginger, Charcoal, Sooty, Frosty and Snow White.
Speckles is missing?

The chooks love their vegetable scraps and the grain BUT not as much as getting out and pecking green grass and scratching in the dirt. The green grass makes the egg yolks really orange. Perfect for pancakes on Sunday morning!

My calves have grown so much, only Curly has milk now. Stella, Freckles, Queenie, Stinky, and Clover are all weaned. They get a trough full of clover hay and oats. They love it!


  1. Hi KT,

    We are very excited that you might be coming to Sydney and would love for you to come and visit!!

    We think it is so cool that you are going to have a pet horse- how many dollars does it cost to buy a horse?

    Some of the OWLS would love to learn more about the farm day visits- where can we find more information?

    How much longer will curly still drink milk for?

    Love the Owls


  2. Hey Owls...I am really looking forward to coming to Sydney...BUT first I must get better. I have picked up a bad tummy bug.
    Tell you teacher to visit www.farmday.com.au to find out more about farm day, I think there is a link at the top of my blog. Curly will only have milk for a week or two then no more MILK!
    Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow, fingers crossed I am better so I can come!


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