Thursday, November 3, 2011

'Goin' Truckin'

Time to load up the wool bales and truck them to the wool store.

Dad will have to make two trips as they will not all fit on one load. At the wool store they will sample the wool to test how good it is and use the sample to show the wool buyers.

As Dad loads the wool onto the truck I check off the bales, Dad calls out the number and I tick it off in the book, then I call out the letters that should be branded on the bales and Dad checks them. We are a good team!

Number 22.....Check!
Once the truck is loaded, all the bales need to be tied down.

It is a BIG load, it would be very dangerous if the bales fell off.

I can help with this job, roll up the tie down straps.


Dad will leave very early in the morning, it will take him 2 hours to get to the wool store.

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