Friday, December 2, 2011

A Week of Headaches!

WELL......sometimes nothing goes to plan!

We were planning to take a couple of days break from the farm this week and go to Sydney to see our wool sold. BUT Mum and I have both been sick with a very nasty tummy bug.  So we have been in lock down!

The wool tested very well this year, it is very soft, very clean and nice and strong. The wool sold quite well, Bella's wool made $11.16/kg and she cut 3.5 kilograms. Mum says she nearly cut $40.00 worth of beautiful wool. We still have some more wool to sell, so maybe next time we will get to Sydney. We just need to stay away from those nasty BUGS!

The merino lambs did have some worms 640 worm eggs per gram of poo. Three different types of worms brown stomach worm, black scour worm and some barbers pole worms. So they all got their dose of medicine this week. Some extra men came to the farm to help drench the lambs, they want to make sure that the medicine works. They will be back next week to test more poo!

Today Oppy found that there was a bull missing....
the fence was broken....he had escaped to the neighbours farm!! OH NO.......

I was feeling a little better this afternoon and decided the fresh air might help so I went with Dad and PopPop to help do the repairs.

That is BIG hole DAD!

That rascal bull broke the wires and the fence post. But Dad, PopPop and I were on the job!

and soon it was as good as new!

Dad was taking the last load of wool to the store this morning and the truck broke down on the highway. He had to wait hours for a tow truck to come and load the truck and take it the mechanics.....not a very good day!

Now we have to wait for it to be fixed!

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