Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Hear Thunder!

Springtime brings stormy weather, thunder, lightning, wind and rains.

Overnight a storm blew in and we had a good fall of rain. We are very happy to get rain on our farm at this time of year, the grass is still green and the spring will last a little bit longer. Lots of other farmers are not so happy about rain cousins have all started harvesting thir crops.....and they do not want, no, no!

Rain can still create headaches on our farm too, stormy weather makes it really steamy and WOW do the blowflies like that. Some of the meat lambs' bottoms have become dirty and a bit smelly. The perfect home for flies! It is really 'gross'! Flies are really cruel if we do not treat these animals the flies would kill them.


Another small draft of lambs are ready for sale....the meat lambs have not got as fat as quickly as we would have liked. The meat buyers say they are too woolly now and they need to be shorn....Mum makes a phone call to see if the shearers can come back. More work!
Mum and Dad are disappointed that all the meat lambs need to be shorn, Mum says:
" it takes the icing off the cake"
 I am not sure what she means by that?

The rain has kept Dad in the workshop this morning, he is busy building some new sheep yards. Mum and Beau have been moving some sheep to new paddocks, and checking stock to make sure they are all happy.

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