Monday, November 21, 2011

OHhhh POO!


The merino lambs have dirty bottoms......what does this mean?

The lambs are living in a lovely paddock of grass, but they are not really looking as good as they should. A few have dirty bottoms, maybe just maybe they have worms...they were all given medicine about 2 months ago, but maybe the worms are BACK! Alot of worms in the lambs will stop them growing well and if they get heaps they can kill them.

Mum and Dad have collected poo samples from the lambs. They muster the lambs into a group and wait for them to poo, then they collect 10 samples.

The samples are bottled and bagged up. We will take them the post office, then the mailman will take them to a science lab where they will look through a microscope to see if and what worm eggs are in the poo.
Maybe they will need more medicine. We will have to wait and see?

We have had more rain, so the grass is still green.The weatherman says there will be rain everyday this week.

Last night after I had gone to bed Dad saw the prettiest pink sky at sunset.
I wish I was up to see it!


  1. Hello KT,

    We miss you and havent spoken to you for a long time- we have been really really busy and our computer wasnt working properly!

    How do the sheep get the worms? Is there lots of work to do on the farm at Christmas time? We hope you have a good Christmas and are getting ready for big school. We have been really busy practising our kindy graduation-its next week!

    Love the OWLS x

  2. Hello Strangers.... I have missed you too!

    The sheep get worms when they start eating grass really short, the lambs poo had 640 worm eggs per gram of poo. That means they need medicine.

    The farm is really busy, and it keeps raining which whilst good it is also hard to get some jobs done.

    BIG NEWS...we are coming to Sydney next week to see our wool sold, fingers crossed! We will be there Thursday and Friday...maybe we could come visit you?


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