Friday, November 11, 2011

Jackpot Lottery!

Lamb sale today...Mum and Dad say it is a like a lottery!

You never know what the market holds for you.....
 Mum and I went into the sale this morning, to watch the meat lambs sell.

Good luck guys.....I have my fingers crossed!

We had all our fingers and toes crossed hoping that they would sell well.

There were lots of good looking lambs at the sale, some made alot of money and others we thought might have made more. The meat buyers feel the lambs across their backs to make sure they handle well, and they have good fat cover.

Our lambs sold well, they are the last pen in the video. We are very happy with $124.00.

Good work guys.........

Now we have to wait for the shearers to come and shear the meat lambs that are left, the buyers do not like them with too much wool, the lambs start to look dry. I am not sure what difference that makes to the chops!

When the grass dries out the lambs wool will catch all the grass seeds that will annoy them. The meat buyers do not like seed either, so before the flies and grass seeds get to them we will take the wool off!

I even wear special sock covers to keep the seeds out of my socks!

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