Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boy Meets Girl.....Girl likes Boy.

A lovely overcast day, the weatherlady says a chance or rain....that will cool things down a bit!

The rams are all off to meet the girls today. They will spend 5 weeks visiting 2425 girls and hopefully make lots of baby lambs.

The rams are delivered to the girls in their paddocks. First the merino rams....

Off they GO!
The merino rams are joined to all the best woolled sheep on the farm.

Then the poll dorset and white suffolk rams, they will make the meat lambs.

Look at that butt!
"I think there are a few girls checking out the boys!"
HELLO girls...nice to meet you!
What an exhausting morning.... all the rams delivered to the girls.


  1. "This is a great blog KT. It would be a fantastic resource for schools and families. "

  2. KT your blog is great work, great for schools and young kids (and older ones) alike. Well done!

  3. Woodstock Public SchoolNovember 17, 2011 at 12:10 PM

    My class absolutely LOVES the blog KT! The children want to check it every day! You do a fabulous job, it's even inspired me to start one up for the whole class next year :)

  4. Excellent! One of the students was up telling the class all about one of the posts the other week - the teacher said he wouldn't stop talking!!

  5. A brilliant job KT, I enjoy reading the updates! And yes, even better with Australian Year of the Farmer just around the corner....


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