Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Testing Time

Our first load of wool is ready to be tested for sale, at the wool store.


After unloading all the bales from the truck the wool is put in the big shed. It is all sorted into lots ready for testing. They are very good at stacking it up high, I hope it doesn't fall over. I think it would squash me if it did!

The wool is moved around the store on forklifts, the bales are very heavy. The bales are put on special rollers that deliver them to the testing machine.

A small sample of wool is taken from every bale, with some really big claws. They look a bit like a crocodiles' mouth...I wouldn't like my hand in there. This is the sample that will be tested to see how long and strong it is.
It is also the sample the wool buyers get to look at. I hope they like it!

 The bales are then put on really big scales, to see how much wool is inside.

The bale is then tipped upside down off the scales and squashed up really tight for another test. This time a really long tube is sent right through the bale. It goes through a few times and takes another sample of wool. This wool is tested to see how clean the wool is and how soft it is. I would not like to get squashed in there! OUCH!

The wool is now ready to store in the shed until it is sold, down another roller and into a big stack!

 Maybe we will go to Sydney to see the wool sold.

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