For the Educators

At this stage we have sent emails to various schools in the Sydney Metro region, with some schools visiting the site several times. The hope is that the blog site could gain greater exposure throughout the school system.

We are hoping that you take the time to view the blog site and provide us with some feedback on how useful it would be for city school students. We would be happy to incorporate any changes you suggest to improve the site. Any suggestions to the content would also be appreciated.

For those of you viewing the site frequently we would love to know who you are and how you are using it.

A recent radio interview highlights the success of the blog in educating a group of preschool children. Please take the time to listen.


My name is Jodie Bishop and I am one of the Assistant Principal's at Niagara Park PS.  As a country girl at heart, I loved your blog (it gives me my weekly dose of country) and it has provided many fascinating discussions with my Year 1 class. They particularly love looking at your photos and have sat fascinated as I read through your blog. As I am planning on starting a class blog next term, it has been a great introduction to blogging in itself along with opening up their eyes to a different lifestyle. As a class, we will continue to follow your blog next term and I have encouraged other teachers at our school to have a look as well.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource for us. Maybe one day the children in my class could email you some of their thoughts and questions.


Jodie Bishop
Assistant Principal
Niagara Park Public School

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