Friday, April 29, 2011

Fat and Ready to Go

The wethers (boy sheep) that we drafted up a couple of weeks ago look really good. Dad thinks they are ready to sell. They have to weigh the right number and look the right shape.

We weigh them in a little box, it looks like fun to me. They get to ride up in a kind of moving slippery dip.

Sometimes I get weighed too, last time I weighed 17 kilograms. That's a lot!
 BUT now I am getting too tall to fit in.

A man comes to check that the wethers are the right shape, they need to be nice and round. The man is a stock and station agent, he spends all day every day looking at sheep and cattle at lots of different places. 

He feels them to make sure they are right

and then drafts the best ones ready to go.

The wethers are going to the butchers, they are worth a lot of money. I wonder whether they will make as much money as 'Quincey' did.

The butcher paid us $5.70 for every kilogram of meat. There was 23 kilograms of meat on every wether.
WOOHOO....that is a lot of money!

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