Monday, April 18, 2011

Babies and Burrs

They're early......the first lambs arrived on Friday,

and on Saturday there were more!

There will be plenty more. Thousands in fact!

It would be really good if the weather stayed nice, we don't want our baby lambs to die. The ewes need to make lots of milk, and look for good warm places to sleep at night. AND most important protect their babies from the 'baddies' out there....foxes, crows and eagles.

We will keep a close eye on the ewes while they are lambing. Sometimes they have a few problems, the lambs can get too big and get stuck then we will help. And you never know one baby lamb might just want to come home with me!

Whenever we are out in the paddock we look for lots of things, sometimes animals get sick, sometimes trees fall on fences and sometimes we find bad weeds. Today we found a Bathurst Burr, we dug it out, we don't like them. They are very spikey and there seeds get stuck in the sheep's wool, the people that buy our wool would not like that!

Mum and Dad call me 'hawk eyes'  because I can see everything.

Bathurst Burr.....OUCH!
My new chickens are growing up really fast, they are really funny. When I feed them in the morning they are so happy to see me especially Snow White. I spend lots of time in the chicken yard, they are fun to play with. I think they love me lots and lots.



  1. Hi KT!
    I've enjoyed reading your blogs, they are fantastic! I especially loved reading about the counting you do when the sheep are racing through the runs! How very clever! Counting up to 40 is very impressive, make sure you keep practising!!
    I look forward to reading more about your farm life!
    from Miss Treasure
    P.S Those pumpkins look delicious!!! :)

  2. "maybe KT could visit our place to help with the burrs? Floods wreak havoc with weed control!"


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