Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

Counting the sleeps, eight to go until the baby lambs arrive. Mum said to keep an eye out there could be some early ones born. The mother sheep are enormous, and they are starting to get milk. All the paddocks have nice grass for the mothers, so we hope they stay healthy.

Clover.....can you spy any with 4 leaves!

This is clover...the sheep love it, it is a lovely soft feed and makes sheep very fat.
It has 3 leaves and sometimes if you look really hard you might find one with 4....Mum says that's lucky.
 But I can't find any!

We have mainly girl sheep (ewes) on our farm, we breed sheep. Some farms only have boy sheep (wethers). Today we sorted the ewes from the wethers. The ewes will stay on our farm and have babies, the wethers will be sold, either to another farmer or to the butcher. They all have ear tags in their ears, wethers in the right ear and ewes in the left ear, so it makes it easier to sort them out.

My job is to shoo the sheep up the race. Dad says I am a really good helper, I save him lots of work. I can make the sheep run really fast.
BUT sometimes Mum calls out..............."slow them down!"
The wethers go one way and the ewes go another, we will maybe put wethers on the oats that Dad sowed.

the boys!
Dad says to be a farmer you have to be able to count. Dad counts the sheep out of the yards, they run really fast, so you need to be quick. I can count up to 40 but they run too fast for me!

22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40
A special surprise for me Bella's baby was in the mob, 'Sparkles',
 I even got a cuddle!

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