Friday, April 8, 2011

Hey there Cowgirl!

So the steers are all sold, the cows have babies growing in their tummies, and PopPop needs some new bulls. We went to a bull farm today to look for some new bulls. There were lots to choose from. The man gave us a book with lots of numbers in it, the numbers help you decide which bull will be the best for PopPop's cows.

 I like all the bulls, I think they will make great Dads.

I like that one Dad!

PopPop bought one bull, we did not take him home today, he wouldn't fit in the car. The man will bring him to our farm another day.

We stopped at the saleyards on the way home. There were alot of cattle there, making lots of noise. It was a bit smelly.

Cattle were mooing and people were yelling. There were people calling out numbers all the time, lots of people wanted to buy the cattle. I think everybody has lots of grass on their farms and they need some more animals to eat it.

It is a nice saleyard, all the cattle are out of the sun, there is no mud or dust and there are walkways up really high so you can see everything!


  1. I LOVE the photo of her on the yard rail.... absolutely beautiful

  2. Hi Kt

    what a fantastic blog!
    1M at west ryde public school

  3. Hello 1M

    I am so glad you are enjoying my blog. I love living and working on the farm and hope you will continue to follow me. I hope we can all become great friends.

    Please feel free to ask any questions, if I cannot answer them I will ask my Mum and Dad. If you have any suggestions to making my blog better please let me know.



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