Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Coming of the Chickens

Dad is still busy sowing more seeds, he has been working long hours to get it finished. The wet weather last week meant he did not get any done. We pack his lunch in the esky everyday. He does not get home until I am fast asleep!

Mum works for other farmers sometimes, she sorts the good sheep from the bad ones. Sometimes I get to go with her.

On Thursday we went on a big trip, and I was so lucky I got to see my cousins, they live 3 hours away. I stayed on their farm while my Mum did her work. Look what I found in their watering can!

isn't he beautiful!

BUT I think the best bit of all was the new chickens....I have had 3 chooks for a while but yesterday I got another 3 chickens from another farm.... and that makes 6! These ones are only babies, they will not lay eggs for a while. I have named them, Snow White, Frosty and Pinky. 

Frosty, Snow White, and Pinky

They cheep, cheep all the time, I have them in a cage in the garden, and have been feeding them all day, they love slugs. That's good.....they might save some of my strawberries!

I need to make sure they are tucked in snug tonight, the older chooks will keep them safe!

I do not want any foxes coming for dinner!!!

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