Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Midwife to the Rescue

The ewes have been lambing for just over a week, and there are baby lambs "baaing" everywhere. We have 2 different types of lambs being born, some are for wool and some are for meat.  

The lambs we breed for meat are sometimes too big to be born or two lambs try to come at once and sometimes they are just all muddled up inside. If the ewe is too long trying to get her babies out they die and sometimes she will die too. That is sad. So we check them and help if we can.

I have been helping Mum check the ewes. Today we helped 4 ewes, we delivered 6 lambs alive and sadly, 2 dead. After the lambs are born the ewes need to clean them up, she licks them all over, and very quickly the babies come to life. 

 Mum and I are the sheep emergency team. Good teamwork!

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