Monday, April 4, 2011

Weigh In

It is weighing time, the steers (boy ones) are getting very big. They have been eating lots of good grass. So much grass they are putting 1 kilogram on everyday. PopPop has mustered them up this morning.

They have to walk up on to some very big scales, much bigger than the ones in the kitchen.

that is a big one!

We have to put a special ear tag in their ear, so the people that buy them know what farm they came from. My job is to get the ear tags ready, I think they look a bit like giant ear rings, but not really very pretty.

They are very big animals, we have to hold their heads still to put the ear tag in.  They stand on the scales and their head is held still in a special crush. We can do lots of things to them then, because they cannot move.
Dad will load them on the truck tonight and take them to the saleyards, and tomorrow they will be sold. 
I am a little bit sad about that because my pet 'Quincey' has grown up so big, he is now ready to sell, Dad will give him a big cuddle for me. Hopefully he will make lots of money!

WOW.....I am RICH.....'Quincey' made $2.31 per kilogram and weighed 524 kilograms. PopPop is very happy, his steers were the best at the saleyards, and made top dollars. 

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