Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Red Sky Warning

When I wake up in the morning the I can hear all the birds chattering outside my window. And as I eat my breakfast the sun comes up over the hills. This morning the sunrise was really pretty. BUT my PopPop and Oppy say that is a sign:

"Red sky in the morning gives a shepherd warning"

Bad weather coming, I hope the ewes snuggle up tight with their babies tonight.

It rained overnight, but luckily the sun came out today.  Autumn is a pretty season, the trees in our garden are all changing colour. I love to play in the leaves and lay and watch the leaves fall.

Soon winter will come and the grass will stop growing. I don't really like winter, it's cold and I have to put lots of clothes on to play outside. Luckily the sheep have woolly coats on all winter!

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