Wednesday, April 20, 2011

KT has a little Lamb

This morning when we checked the ewes having 2 lambs, we found a lamb all alone. I really wanted to bring him home with me straight away. BUT Mum said wait....
'We will leave him alone for the day, his mum might come back looking for him. If he is still there at the end of the day we will take him home and feed him.'
Luckily for me, he was still there all alone and very cold. Dad says the ewes are not very good at counting, some of them can't count past 1. They count one lamb and off they go and leave number 2 behind!  Silly sheep, I can count more than that.

He is a boy lamb and I have named him Skippety.

He loves me, nearly as much as he loves milk. He cries alot, I think he misses his  Mum.

Newborn lambs get very special milk from their mums called colostrum, it helps the lambs fight any bad diseases and makes them super strong. PopPop says it works like magic! Mum has a special recipe to make Skippety's milk, so it works that special kind of magic. Skippety will need to have this milk for a few days before he can have milk just like me.

Mum says all Skippety needs is plenty of milk, sleep and to stay warm. The lambs in the paddocks have their Mums to keep them warm, they can snuggle up. We have made  Skippety a special bed with straw and a hot water bottle!
Goodnight you

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