Tuesday, August 2, 2011


30 days until winter is over! The countdown to spring is ON!

I can tell spring is coming, the birds are chirping busily in the trees, they have not been this noisy all winter. I can hear magpies, blue wrens, willy wag tails and sparrows in the garden. In the paddocks the galahs, cockatoos, and parrots are all out in the sunshine. The grass in the paddocks is starting to grow, and Mum says she can smell it growing. And some daisies have already poked their yellow heads out. That is when it is really spring time - daisy chain time! I love to make daisy chains!

Dad spent some time in the vegie patch with Mum and I. We have spread some compost over the patch, it should help the vegies grow.

Another sign that is is warming up and the seasons are changing are the wattles flowering, they brighten up the wintery paddocks.

The village where I go to mobile preschool have painted a beautiful picture on the post office, it tells a story of about all the things close to where I live.


  1. Hi KT,

    We like the mural on the wall near your kindy. We have an indoor playground at our kindy and there is a mural on it too. We would like to see how many children go to mobile kindy with you?
    Love the OWLS

  2. Hey Owls...there are about 15 children I think, maybe a couple more. I love going to preschool I have good friends there and the teachers are great!


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