Monday, August 22, 2011

OH Dear!

Oh, Dear, what can the matter be
Dear, Dear what can the matter be........

A bad day on the farm.

First a heifer was trying to calve and her calf was coming backwards, we got him out but he was already dead. We went to check the old cows and 2 cows were dead. Both of them had little baby calves alive and now they have no mums. They were both very sad and hungry. We caught the calves and brought them home. Mum mixed up some milk and they were really happy to have that.

We put one calf with the heifer that lost her calf and she loves him and he loves her milk! The other one we will have to feed for now. I have named him CLOVER he is a bull calf.

His tongue tickles!

We moved the mob of cows because the paddock is making them sick there is too much grass and it is not good grass! One more cow was very sick, we could not get her out of the paddock, she laid down and we were sure she was going to die too! Dad gave her heaps of medicine......

and so far so good............ she still is alive and she can now stand up!
Her calf will be very happy about that!

The rest of the cows and heifers on the farm are going very well, the calves are very happy, they run around and kick their legs up, they are like buckjumpers!

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