Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunny Days!

Beautiful sunny days to be out and about.

The cows must think it is lovely weather to have their babies, because there are new baby calves everywhere! We went out to check the old cows this morning, and found six in one paddock, there could be more but the grass is so high we can't find them BUT I did find this one.

Baby calves are beautiful, they are so warm from laying in the sun, you can't help but cuddle them!
The heifers are busy calving too. Today when Mum and I went to check them, there was one just born, his Mum had just got him out, she still had a big job to clean him up.

He was in a big hurry to try and walk, but his legs were not quite ready!


Whilst the weather is sunny Dad and PopPop have been busy spraying barley grass. Barley grass grows now the weather is warming up and it has some bad seeds that get in the wool and the sheep's eyes.

The sprayer leaves pink blobs all over the paddock. The blobs tell Dad and PopPop where they are up to. I don' t help with spraying some of the chemicals are very nasty!

A BIG SURPRISE today....Oppy found the chooks hidden nest while she was mowing, it had 5 eggs in it!

NOW I have 12 basket is nearly FULL!


  1. Hi Kt,

    It looks like the calves are playing hide and seek in the grass!!

    We want to know how long it takes for the mummy to clean the baby calf?

    This week we are talking about chickens, roosters and hens.

    Love the OWLS x

  2. Hello Owls, the cows do not take long to clean them up, maybe 30 minutes. The calves can normally stand up and walk in about 10 minutes sometimes even quicker!


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