Friday, August 26, 2011

Inspection Time!

What glorious weather......great to be alive!

No time to be inside....time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Today we have hardly spent a minute inside, Mum and I spent some time in the garden this morning planting out some seedlings. I love to garden, it is great to watch things grow and I love to pick flowers.

We have been sorting up the ewes when the weather is nice.

Off to work!

Every year all the ewes are checked over to make sure they are good enough to go back with the rams in the spring. Mum checks their wool, their feet and their bodies, Dad checks their teeth. Ewes that have bad wool, bad bodies or bad feet will probably end up with the meat rams. Really old ewes will loose some teeth, they have to be sold.............
they are JUST TOO OLD!

Sheep have no top teeth!

Mum and I spent the afternoon on the motorbike taking sheep back to a fresh paddock. The sunshine is so warm, it is good to see the back of winter.

LOOK at the view...I can see the whole world from up here!

Not quite as spectacular as Sydney harbour, but it sure looks good to me!

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