Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Bulls!

So....we were not so lucky with our patient cow, after lots of medicine, love and attention.....she died!
We were all very disappointed about that, we really thought she was going to make it!
Now we have two baby calves to look after....Clover the bull and the incredible Hulk.
Clover is very quiet, he spent some time just lazing about in the garden.

UNTIL he started stomping on the plants....so he had to move OUT!

HULK is also a bull calf, he is really strong. His Mum must have had lots of milk because he is enormous. He loves milk, he drinks so fast, it is a wonder he does not get a tummy ache!
He drips milk 'slobber' everywhere, I think he needs a bib!

Clover and Hulk drink 3 litres of milk a day.  They are too strong for me to feed, they suck so hard they sometimes pull the teat off.

Maybe if they grow up big and strong I will be able to ride on their backs, they could be like a 'cow pony'?

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  1. Hi KT,

    We love Clover and Hulk - you are so lucky and have the best pets!! We love you and your farm- we loved the photo of the dam and agree it looks as nice as Sydney Harbour! We were sad that the mummy cows died but think you will be a great mummy. We think riding a cow pony would be lots of fun - will it try to buck you off? You will look like a real cowgirl- we think your black hat is really cool!



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