Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bye, Bye Baby!

Always work to do.....we are still trying to wean all the lambs from their mothers. The weather turned a little too wintery, and we have had to wait for both the sheep and the yards to dry out.

After a very frosty morning, back in the sheep yards. A beautiful sunny day!

Today we finished weaning all the meat lambs from their mums. They will all be taken down to the crops Dad sowed in the summer, and grow big and fat, ready for sale!

Bye good!

Another exciting time on the farm..........MORE BABIES being born!

The ewes that had empty tummies in the summer were put back with the rams, and now they are having babies. AND even better all the cows have started calving. I think the baby lambs and the baby calves are the best thing about living on a farm, they are so cute!

Dad and PopPop are feeding the cows hay, the grass left in the paddocks is not much good anymore. Dad says it will make the cows a bit quieter too.

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