Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hide & Seek!

Slowly , slowly the cows are calving.

The cows are very good at hiding their calves. The calves cuddle down in the grass, and HIDE, normally only their mothers know exactly where they left them! BUT if you are really lucky you might just stumble upon one......

or two....

and then they jump up and run to Mum....she is never far away!

Coming MUM!

Most of the cows calve on their own, but the heifers who are having babies for the very first time need to be checked often. Sometimes the calves are too big or back the front, if the heifer is too long calving the calf will die. PopPop and Dad are like doctors at a hospital delivering babies, they just need a siren on the ute!

Winter has come back, just when we thought it was nearly over....we have had 25mm of rain. When things warm up again the grass will grow like CRAZY! Dad says we will not have enough mouths to eat it all!

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