Friday, August 19, 2011


ALL hands on deck......sometimes the calves are just TOOO big.

After giving the heifer time to calve, still nothing has happened! If we leave her too long the calf will surely die. PopPop and Dad muster her into the yards, to help her have her calf. It takes a lot of muscle power to get the calf out. I hope PopPop had his weet-bix this morning.

Getting the calf out alive and keeping the heifer healthy and happy is the most important thing to PopPop. It seems awful hard for the heifer and her calf but PopPop and Dad have done this lots of times and it is the quickest, simplest way of helping her out.

The calf is alive.....YEY!

When the mother comes out of the cattle crush, she knows the calf belongs to her. She is a good mother, and she starts to clean him up, she loves him alot! She talks softly to her calf and he even talks back.

It won't be long before she has him clean.
He will be up in no time, and ready for a drink of milk!


  1. Hi Katie
    We loved watching the calf come out of the mummy cow. We even loved him when he was yucky. Did it take forever to get the baby calf out? Good work Pop Pop and Dad!
    Love the Owls

  2. Hello there KT! Found your blog today and I love it! Will show my it to my kids who are 5 and 7 tomorrow! We live on a small farm in North Queensland. We don't have cows and calves, we just buy and sell steers, sometimes I miss having the little calves around. I was wondering if you could please tell me if herefords often have trouble having their calves? When I was growing up, we lived on a station with 6000 head of cattle, but they were brahmans. Keep up your marvellous work!
    Love Kylie.

  3. My goodness, my computer finally let me watch the videos, that is the hugest calf!

  4. PopPop and Dad are getting very quick at getting out stuck calves, if everything is where it is meant to be, they can manage to get the calf out within 10 minutes. Hereford heifers joined to herefords can be troublesome, we try to choose bulls with low birthweights, to help the cause. Other issues can come into play such as heifers being TOO FAT, I think that may be a little bit of a factor here!


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