Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I want my Mummy?

Cows have babies every year, so every year they have to say goodbye to one and get ready for another. They cry a lot when this happens, you can't hear anything but MOOO's everywhere. They can keep you awake all night! 

I understand why they cry........I would cry too if my Mum was taken away.

Dad and Mum have been weaning our calves. They draft the calves from their mothers, and have given them medicine for worms and lice, and a needle for diseases. We leave them in the yards for a few days. If we let them out, they will try anything to get back to their mums, they love them so much.  We feed them hay and they have a trough full of water, after a couple of days they are very quiet. I can feed them straight from my hands.

 Click to play

They do love the hay.

The calves will be taken out to the oats Dad sowed, so they can grow much bigger.  And their Mums...........will grow another baby to be born in August.



  1. How long before the calves can become mummies?

  2. The calves are 10 months old now. In November the bull will join them in the paddock and in August 2012 they will hopefully have a baby. They will be 2 years old then.


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