Friday, May 6, 2011

"ITS ALIVE" (Guidance Recommended)

The ewes have been lambing for 2 weeks, and we are having a few problems. We are checking the ewes everyday, straight after breakfast. Some ewes cannot get their lambs out because they are too big, we have been helping those ones. Sometimes we are lucky and the ewe and lamb are both alive. And sometimes the lamb is already dead but still stuck. And sadly sometimes they are both dead. Mum and Dad say I am a great help, I have even used my big muscles to help pull a lamb out.

Click to play

Some of the ewes are very old and maybe they are tired of having babies, we are putting out special licking blocks to try and help them. They are a bit like lollipops for sheep but in a big block. They have special ingredients, to make them extra yummy!

Luckily the weather has been perfect, lovely sunny days. Newborn lambs do not like cold, rainy days. 

Skippety is going really well, he is very strong. He has two other playmates now, Princess Fiona and Blackfoot, they are both merino lambs. Their mothers both died. Blackfoot has been sleeping in the laundry until he is strong enough to join the others, it is nice and warm there.


  1. Dear KT,

    I loved the video of the lamb being born. I have never seen that before. The lambs are lucky to have your help.

    :) Sally Southan

  2. Dear KT,
    Loved the video you took, it brought a tear to my eye. Glad the lamb was alive!!!
    Isabella and mummy


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