Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Green, Green Oats.

Do you remember the oats Dad sowed in stood straight and tall like soldiers?

It has grown much bigger and now the wether (boy) lambs get to eat it all up and get

These wethers went off to the market, and now another mob of wethers get to eat the yummy oats. 

After all the very cold frosty mornings it is starting to get a little bit dry, it would be nice if it would rain soon. The oats needs water to keep growing. Dad and PopPop have lots more wethers to get fat! Once winter comes the oats will not grow so much. It gets too cold!

PopPop says when it is cold he likes to eat rolled oats for breakfast. I am not sure about that.......


.......but it sure is fun to roll around and play in oats!


  1. We wish we could send you some of our rain!
    From Gabriella,
    Mount Lewis Infants School.

  2. Hello will be happy to know we got some rain, we measured 30millimeteres on Monday morning and it was still raining Monday night!


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