Sunday, May 29, 2011

City Friends

WHAT A WEEKEND! Our FarmDay family were the best!

A family from Sydney came to spend time on our farm, we had never met them before and now I have made some very special friends.

They have helped us on the farm all weekend. The boys helped me feed the pet lambs.
We mustered up some cattle and moved a mob of sheep. We spent lots of time on the motorbike,

and even fed the bulls in the big blue tractor!

Dad shore a sheep

and we showed them how we get our wool ready for sale.

We had a sausage sizzle on the highest hill, and went exploring in the rocks.
The boys discovered lots of old bones. 

We even toasted marshmallows, YUMMY!

SOOOOOO much fun, they were the best.
Sadly they had to go home, they live very close to the beach so maybe one day I can go and visit them and collect seashells and build sandcastles.

NOTE: (If you would like to see more great photos of our weekend, Mum says to look under the Farm Day heading on the left hand side)


  1. What an adventure !!

  2. What a great post - looks like a very successful weekend!!

  3. We are KMC from Lindfield East Public School in Sydney. We like your farm and you.
    We have some new hens that lay eggs. Our job is to put them back in their coop on Fridays, give them food and water and collect their eggs.
    We are looking forward to learning about your farm.

  4. Hello KMC,
    Lovely to hear from you....
    What sort of chooks do you have? My chooks are not laying any eggs at the moment, I think it is too cold for them! What do you feed your chooks? Mine eat grain and all our vegie scraps.

  5. Mummy Duck: Open space, open hearts: "'The property is 10 k's from one end to the other...' I'm betting if I was plonked the whole 10 k's away I could still see the beaming face ..."


  6. i kate i look at you blog i am from carrington public school i love your blog go on to miss skehan calss blog and you will see what we do


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