Monday, May 23, 2011

Pitter Patter Rain Drops.

Just what the farmer ordered said Dad.....RAIN.

Lots of thunder banging last night as I tried to go to sleep. And this morning when I woke up puddles everywhere. Rain makes most farmers happy, Dad says there is more money in mud then dust.....BUT I can't find it.

We measure the rain is a special container called a rain gauge, it is outside and collects the rain as it falls.

 I love to empty the rain gauge.

It is pyjama day today at mobile preschool, so I am not just out of bed .
BUT ready to go to school!  
We are raising money for people that have trouble breathing.

Last year we bought a bit more farm and lots of fencing needs to be done. The fences are to keep the sheep and cows in the one paddock. Yesterday we went fencing with Dad, the neighbour's cows keep getting in on our oats. Mum and Dad have to tie the wires together to make it strong. 

I can't really help with the fencing so I just go exploring, I discover lots of amazing things.

a wedge tail eagle nest...way up high!
a kangaroo hole.....naughty kangaroos!

The best part of going out fencing with Mum and Dad is the sausage sizzle lunch. 
Sausages are my very favourite food!

the camp fire


  1. Hi,
    We would love to hear some more about your mobile preschool. We've never seen one before. Our teacher said that the preschool comes to you.
    From all of us in Kred,
    Mount Lewis Infants School.

  2. Mobile preschool does not quite come to my goes to a little village nearby, they bring all the things they need in a little truck, and set up for the day, it is great fun. I have lots of friends there, and look forward to it every week.


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