Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Morning Jack Frost!

When I woke up this morning someone had been to visit.....Jack Frost!!!

The whole farm was covered in a blanket of white ice. It was so cold..... Brrrrrrrr!   The temperature gauge said minus 1, that is less than 0. I am glad I was tucked up in my bed last night. I thought it must have rained or snowed, but Dad said the dew is frozen on the grass. It is like the whole farm was put in the freezer for the night!

  I don't think I would like be a duck swimming on that dam this morning, my webbed feet would freeze!

Four layers of clothes, some gloves, and a beanie and out the door. The dogs' water bowls were all frozen. And even the water troughs for the sheep and cattle were frozen.

 Dad broke the ice with a stick, look how thick it is! And very, very cold!!!

Most of the time after "Jack Frost "comes to visit it is a nice sunny day, it certainly was. A good to catch up with my pet lambs after some very cold days. At night my lambs sleep in the hay shed it is cosy and warm there. I feel sorry for all the lambs out in the paddocks when "Jack Frost" comes to visit. It would be great if they could all sleep in a shed at night too.

Blackfoot, KT, Princess Fiona and Skippety

My family of lambs has got much bigger, they are the best playmates. Dad has built them a special yard near the house so I can take care of them. They are fed milk 4 times a day. Skippety is growing much bigger, he is a dorset /merino lamb, they are the type we breed to sell for meat. Princess Fiona and Blackfoot are both merinos, they are bred for fine wool. I love my lambs they are my best friends! 



  1. Hi,
    We are students in kindergaren from Mount Lewis Infants School, Sydney. We've been learning about the farm. We were wondering where the ducks go when the river is frozen? Do they go in the house at night? And do they have a warm cage to sleep in?
    From Ghassan, Zara, Ameer and Fayed.

  2. Hello to Ghassan, Zara, Ameer and Fayed

    Lovely to hear that you are learning about our farm. The ducks live on the big dam at the back of our house, they are wild Wood ducks. At night they sleep and shelter in the trees near the dam, they are safe from foxes there. I think their feathers would keep them warm.

    I love to hear your comments and am happy to answer your questions. But sometimes I need to ask Mum and Dad for help. Please share my farm with your friends and family.

    Keep in touch....KT

  3. Hi my name is Elizabeth my class has been reeding your blog.its a good blog.2w

  4. Hello Elizabeth

    I am glad you like my farm story....your class can ask questions if they want to. Where is your school?


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