Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Swoop...you missed ME!

The holidays have been hectic....
I have spent lots of time helping muster sheep into the yards for shearing.

I love to walk along behind the sheep and help the dogs with their work.
 It is great exercise. And I really love it.

EXCEPT for Mrs Magpie..............., 
Mum says she is an occupational hazard of springtime in the paddocks!
She is just doing her job protecting her babies in a nest nearby. 
But she sure gives me a fright!

Luckily I have discovered a way to scare Mrs Magpie off.....

Today we have been weighing the meat lambs trying to find some ready for sale.
 There are some nearly ready but not quite.
Sadly the prices for the lambs are going DOWN! 
We have to decide whether we will take the money now or wait until the lambs get bigger? 

My job is to operate the pedal that moves the lambs along. 
STOP and GO, STOP and GO! 

Dad says it hard to know what to do....if the price keeps going down....keeping them may be the wrong decision. BUT if the price goes UP....it will be the right decision!
I don't know what I would do.....maybe flip a coin!

We will just have to think about IT! 
Farming is a family business and we all have to help make the decisions!

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