Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mr Echidna....just visiting!

Springtime, shearing time and lots of suntime.

Shearing has started on the farm so there is lots of action for the holidays.
I can hear sheep bleating in the sheepyards, shearing machines humming, and the woolpress screaching as it fills the bales with wool.
Not to mention the loud music playing. 

The wool is coming off every minute, sheep are off down the shute and back to the paddock.

As we were leaving the house yard today we came across a funny looking creature!

He was busy in my garlic patch. 

Quite a funny looking animal.... Mr Echidna!
I wonder if he likes wearing all those spikes?

Holidays are great. I get to help with jobs all over the farm.

 Plenty to do in the sheep yards and shearing shed.
I love to explore and these holidays I am looking for gold!

I'll let you know if I find any!

1 comment:

  1. Wow I love Mr Echidna. What an interesting find. I wonder if he likes garlic? I wonder if Echidnas get garlic breath?


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