Friday, October 19, 2012

Food and Fibre Out the Gate!

Out the gate and over the ramp the money rolls.

This morning Dad has loaded 350 lambs onto a truck. They have been sold $55.00 each.

$19250 on the truck... rolling out the gate.

He has also loaded 100 bales of wool.

 and out the gate it rolls bales of freshly shorn wool.
I wonder what it will be worth?

The wool will be taken away to be tested an it will offered to wool buyers in a few weeks.
The wool has a long way to go before it reaches the people in the shops. 
It has to washed and spun and woven and made into things like clothes and blankets.
We are the beginning of a long chain of people in the wool industry.


  1. Enjoyed your post - thought the photos were amazing. Here's hoping the price is good for the wool.

  2. Hello Jacana....our fingers and toes are crossed. Mum says the wool market is going up, hope our wool gets there in time!


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