Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sox...the Father of all Fathers!

Something very special arrived at the farm yesterday....a couple of brand new rams.

Today Dad had the very big job of shearing them, the shearers have moved on from our farm, so it is up to Dad. 
Lucky Dad is a jack of all trades!

We have named the ram Dad is holding Sox, we think he is pretty special.
Mum and Dad have been looking for a special ram for a long time.  
We hope Sox will be the father to lots of lambs on our farm....maybe even some rams.
He is mighty big, weighing just over 100 kilograms and he is still a lamb!
I am not sure how Dad will go shearing Sox. Sox is much heavier than my Dad!

Slowly but surely Dad gets Sox shorn, he is very well behaved.

We really like Sox's wool it is very soft, long and white 
and has lovely little crimps.

There is plenty of it. He has cut 6.5 kilograms of wool in only 7 months.
I wish my hair could grow that fast. It seems to take forever!

I hope Sox likes our farm.

Big news tonight...Beau is a DAD...Tilly the girl dog that came to stay, has had her babies, all 7 of them..

Congratulations BEAU.....perhaps a puppy will be the next special arrival on the farm!

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