Monday, October 29, 2012

Spring Frenzy!

It seems there is never nothing to do on the farm....springtime is one of the busiest times!
There is always a fence that needs mending, weeds that need spraying, seeds to sow, hay to make and sheep and cattle to care for. 
The list goes on and on!

Dad has been spraying some paddocks, so that next year he can sow new pastures or crops.
 He need sunny days with no wind to get this job done.

The bulls are out visiting the cows, and they are really happy about that. 

The weather does not bother them too much at all!

Springtime on the farm is all about green grass growing fast!
 This year it is green but not growing that fast and it is starting to dry out. 
The weather is warm, a bit too warm for spring. We need rain and we need it NOW!

On the weekend we had to go and pick up another bull for the cows. 

And while we were there, we came across a man with a dog......

After watching him in action .....he came home with us!

Meet Gibbo!

He is a lovely dog, he is really friendly and Dad says very good natured! 

The man has been working him with sheep and cattle and he is a bit of an all rounder.
Dogs are really important workers on our farm. 
I really do not know what we would do without them.
And they are really good mates TOO!

Gibbo is just visiting for a while to see if he likes us and we like him.

The man is selling Gibbo....$1200.00 will buy him.
Dad says,  he would be a good investment!

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  1. Like the picture of the rear end of the bulls on their swagger to visit the cows. Hope Gibbo works out for your family, he looks like a very loving dog.


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