Monday, October 15, 2012

Over and Out!

We finally finished shearing last week, a big job over.

Today we finished putting the last of the shorn sheep back in the paddocks.

Some of the sheep had to be reshedded..... because on Friday we had SNOW! 
And it was just a bit chilly without their woolly jackets.
I don't think I would like to stand out in the snow in the nude. It would be a bit nippy!

The weatherman was kind enough to let us know the bad weather was coming. 
He calls it a Sheep Graziers Warning....that tells all the farmers to beware of bad weather ahead.
Farmers can then find better shelter for the animals.
We found only one ewe that had died in the cold so I think we were pretty lucky.

After thinking really hard we decided to sell the smallest of our meat lambs.
It will take us along time to get them ready for sale so they are off to another farm.
$55.00 each,  Dad and Mum are a little disappointed. They will go on the truck tomorrow.
Last year those lambs would have made $80.00.

The rest of the lambs have been shorn and they are enjoying lovely sunny weather and paddocks of clover!


Farming is like that, you never know from year to year what the market, the season or the prices will be. 


  1. amazing pictures - bugger about the price.

  2. Hello Jacana
    Hopefully our other lambs will be worth more....who knows maybe the price will go UP?


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