Thursday, October 18, 2012

Window Shopping!

What a glorious day to go shopping with DAD! 
Window shopping, for things we would love to buy for the farm.
The Australian National Field Days, all about everything farm. 
There is everything here, motorbikes, tractors, boats, sheep yards, tractors, tools, and even socks and hats!
 You name it and I am sure we could find it...but you might have to walk quite a way!

They even have a special area for farm inventions....and look what I found....
a chicken caravan...

my girls would love this!

You can find out lots of information too...we have problem with wild pigs on our farm... and there were people there that know how to get rid of them!

They certainly are ugly!

Lots of equipment to make life easier on the farm too...this machine holds the sheep while you crutch them.....I think we need one of them. 
Dad might have to save up it costs $8000.00

 There was even some fun things for children.. a bucking bull, jumping castle and animal zoo. 
My favourite thing all day the gold mining display.
I even got to pan for gold and I FOUND SOME!


  1. That chicken caravan looks the business! Has KT made a down payment on one yet??

  2. How did they get rid of wild hogs? We have so many here In Florida, they ruin orange groves and root up the cow pastures.

  3. They are making a terrible mess of our paddocks too. The lady told us the best method is baiting them. Feed them some grain first, then move in with the baits. We have not tried it yet. This weekend we have a man coming in to see if he can shoot a few. He might have some luck

  4. Looks like you all had a happy family bonding even if you were just window shopping. The chicken caravan is great. Do buy it soon!


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