Monday, November 5, 2012

Fields of Clover.

The weather has really warmed up and the grass has started to turn from glorious green to burnt brown. 
It first changes around the trees and then the hills and finally the flats. 

It is a really tricky time with the weather...rain would be good and BAD now. 
Good to keep the green grass green but REALLY BAD for Dad's hay.

With no rain at all for some time Dad decided it was time to cut the clover in Wombat Paddock for hay. It looks beautiful.

Remember this is what it looked like before....

and after.

All done. 

Now we wait and wait and hope and hope. 

The clover has to dry out, the sun has to take all the moisture out of the clover. 
It then needs to be turned over with a rake so the clover underneath comes to the top.
Finally when it is dry enough Dad will put into bales.

And while we wait, the rain needs to stay away. 
If the clover gets wet the hay will be ruined.

Dad says, "it is the hands of mother nature now"...."out of our control".

It seems that this mother nature lady is very important when it comes to making hay.
I do hope she is kind to us!


  1. I hope she is kind to you as well.

    1. Rain is falling on the hills, only a little so far. Will check the rain gauge after school!


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