Friday, March 30, 2012

Who Lives Here?

Alot of chirping coming from somewhere? I can hear you BUT I can't see you...

My listening ears are turned up loud. Tiptoe, tiptoe where are you?

Finally... I found you...a bird nest that has fallen from the tree. Alot of noise in there!

I wonder who lives here?

Peak a Boo I can't see you......


There is a tunnel going deep down in there....

With a little help from Dad, we take a closer look.

And look what we find!.... babies.

There are 5 in the nest. Red-browed Finch or Red-browed Firetails.

Dad returns the nest to the tree, they will be safe there. The Mum and Dad fly in and out of the nest with feed for the babies

The next day, the babies have left the nest.
They are with their Mum and Dad, learning how to live outside the nest.

Fly little bird.... FLY!

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