Sunday, March 4, 2012

Forces of Nature!

What a week of CRAZY weather!

It has been pouring rain everyday. We have been stuck inside all weekend.
We have had over 200mm, that is HEAPS. Everything is soaking wet!

The water is running off the hills everywhere,

down into the creeks

and off to join the rivers.

Lots of people living along the rivers are flooded, some of that water comes from our farm.

Yesterday there was a short break in the weather, Dad put on all his wet weather gear and headed off on the bike to check the animals and the dams. The animals are not enjoying the rain, even the DUCKS have disappeared from the dams.
I wonder where a duck goes to keep dry?

The turtles are even in trouble, Dad found 2 turtles blocking a drain pipe in the dam.
All the water went over the bank of the dam instead of through the pipe.

PopPop's roads are a mess, the water is so strong it washes gullies everywhere.
There will be lots of roadwork to do when it dries up.

The wind is very strong too, with the ground so wet and the wind so strong the trees even have trouble hanging on.
The big gum tree at our mailbox fell down yesterday and blocked the road.

Dad, PopPop and I went down with the chainsaws and tractor to clear it away.
I need to get to school tomorrow SO we need to move it.

A new day today.....I wonder what mother nature will send us.
I woke up really early this morning and saw the most beautiful sunrise!
It was so orange it looked like a fire.

and then the rain came back!

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  1. WOW!! Wonderful post, love the ending!
    xxThe Lenehans.


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