Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Food Basket.

At last the sun returns...... just in time for autumn. A change of seasons.

The days are getting shorter, in the morning when I wake, it is just a little darker.
The trees in the garden are slowly changing colours, and soon the leaves with fall to the ground.
I love to play in the autumn leaves!

A busy afternoon picking vegetables....after a week of wet weather, the vegetable garden is a bit of a mess.

Capsicums are red and ready....my favourite. They are lovely and sweet. Great in salad!

There are tomatoes everywhere.....

the rain has not been good for them, there are plenty of nice ones but also lots of split ones ruined because they have had TOO much water!

still plenty for us.......

The chooks are also glad to see the sunshine, maybe they will lay a few more eggs.
 They don't lay many in the cold wet weather. I have only been getting 2 a day!

Some bad news on the chook numbers too, Charcoal is missing!
Somewhere out there, I think there is a cheeky fox....he best stay away from my chooks!
Now I only have 4, Snow White, Frosty, Ginger and Speckles.

I hope they stay safe.

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