Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gentle Giants!

Bull buying....each year new bulls and rams need to be bought.

Mum and Dad went off today to find a new poll Hereford bull. I hope they get a good one!

 There are lots to choose from....

When buying new bulls there are lots of things to look at.

The bulls have numbers that tell us how well they grow and how good their meat is.
We also need to look at how well the bulls are put together.
They need to have good feet, good eyes and good legs.

Dad and Mum got one....Number 78, his name is Frank. He is worth $3500.00.
 I really hope the cows like him, they won't get to meet Frank until the spring.

In the meantime,
the cows need to say goodbye to the calves they have now 
AND hello to new ones they will have in August.

They are busy GALS!

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