Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gotta GO!

Finally...they are all off to sale.

Normally all our lambs are sold before Christmas BUT this year they have taken alot longer to get ready for sale. The grass has been too long for lambs to do really well.
AND NOW the price has come down.
 So Mum and Dad are not real happy about that.

BUT the time has come to truck them out, good or bad money..... they have to go!

The lambs will be 1 year old soon, and then they will be worth less money. The meat buyers like the lambs young.

In about 4 weeks time all the ewes start lambing again, so we need to make room for new lambs.

Dad yards the lambs late in the afternoon, they need to be empty to go on the truck. Otherwise they put poo and wee everywhere!
They travel alot better on an empty stomach.

The lambs have lovely clean noses all the rain has washed them pink!

Hopefully there will not be too many lambs at the sale yards tomorrow and ours will sell well!

Another disappointing sale the lambs topped at $106 and bottomed at $82.

Mum and Dad are disappointed, all the work the lambs have had done to them.

Mum says:
'there is not alot of "icing on the cake".
We should have sold them earlier the money was better and we had not spent so much money on them'

BUT that is what happens is a bit like a lottery ticket!

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