Monday, March 26, 2012

Home Delivery.

It is only about 3 weeks until we will see the first baby lambs arrive.
The ewes need to stay strong and healthy to rear the best lambs they can.

There is plenty of grass in the paddocks and it is green and lush, but sometimes that is just not enough.

Dad has put feeders full of oats and lime in the paddocks with the twin ewes, they need a bit of extra energy to rear two lambs.

We are also putting out some special blocks. They are full of special vitamins and minerals.
 The sheep lick them like lollipops and they are meant to be really good for them.
They do not look that yummy to me!

I had a very special helper on the weekend, my cousins came to visit.


I love my cousin Hughie! And he is a great helper!

BUT sometimes a little CRAZY!
I am looking forward to lambing, baby lambs are so cute.
I wonder whether I will find any pet lambs this year..............?

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