Sunday, March 11, 2012

Autumn Days

A beautiful autumn day....great to be out in the sunshine.
Time to get to work on my garlic garden....first I need to put some really good dirt on top. A trip to the shearing shed...for some sheep poo will do the trick.

Later in the autumn it will be time to plant the bulbs.

The rain has been lovely, it has made the grass grow like crazy!

BUT it does bring some headaches with it.....

some of the sheep are getting fly blown and some sheep have sore feet from standing in the water. The roads on the hills have big gullies in them, and the fences at the creek crossing are all washed down. The paddocks are so wet we can't drive anywhere....we can only get around on the motorbikes. The animals really would like to see a couple of weeks of sunshine. So would I and so would Dad.

It is hard to know what job to do first?

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