Saturday, September 17, 2011


Calf marking, time to round 'em up!

All the cows and calves are mustered up, bought to the yards and drafted up.

The cows are getting a needle while they are in the yards, to help protect them from some nasty diseases, the vet thinks this will stop them dying.....fingers crossed! They all had a needle about 4 months ago, but they need a booster!
The calves need to have a couple of operations done. They get an earmark just like the baby lambs. All the animals on our farm have the same earmark in their ear. So if they get lost on another farm, the farmer will know where they came from. They also get a needle, to protect them from diseases, they will need another needle when they get a little older. The boy calves have one extra operation to stop them growing into big bulls!

It is a very noisy job, cows are calling for their calves and calves are calling for their mums. When they are all back together it is quiet again, thank goodness.....they were giving me a headache!

There are only a couple of cows left to calve, we will have to do them next time they come to the yards.

OH....and I nearly forgot...there are five more at home we are feeding!

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  1. Love it Love It Love It - So well done - calves look great - especially the big fella bought actoss to the camera - well done."


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