Monday, September 5, 2011


I look forward to this day all day. Time to get dressed up and have some fun!

We took lots of things to the show, cooking, flowers, arts, crafts, wool,
and even some lambs!

The weather was absolutely perfect.

Lots of pretty ponies in the ring!

They are really fast at chopping wood!

a tractor pulling competition

Our wool came first!

Our lambs came third!

Lots of crafts

and really old WORN out boots!

Lots of people come to the show for the day, it is all about showing off what we grow,
and having FUN!

wheelbarrow races!

jumping castles

My cousins even came over for the day.....we had soooo much FUN!


  1. Look like wonderful fun! We all wish we could have been there. xxLenehans.

  2. Congratulations on your wool clip prize, and the lambs had a great day out too. Looks like a fun day at the show - which one was it?


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