Thursday, September 15, 2011


Spring time is BUSY on the farm.

Mum says it is a pity really because it is a beautiful time of year YET we never seem to have time to really enjoy it.

Time for farmers to buy new bulls and rams.

Mum helps farmers choose the rams that best suit their ewes and the farms they live on. Yesterday Mum was very busy doing her job. Each ram is looked over and she tries to rank them from best suited to least suited. Then it is up to the farmer to see if he can pay enough money to get the ram.

The rams are sold in an open cry auction. Lots of calling out numbers and hammer banging!

There were alot of people at the sale, it was tough competition.

The most money paid for one ram was $9000.00. 83 rams were sold and they averaged $3300.00 that is a very good result. Farmers had to really bid up to get rams. Hopefully they will all get lots of lambs next year and cut lots of beautiful wool.
I hope the rams like their new homes!


and RAM with HORNS!

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